Monday, March 18, 2013


I no longer own the garden centre but still landscape!!

Garden Centre Contact details

Malcom Simpson

289 999613

mob. 963099224

Merelie the Landscapers

mob. 917814261

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Late tuesday night

So back in Portugal and really busy- started a new landscape for some good Englaish people and that should follow on to about six other orders so great to be busy again. My building team are up at Quinta de Stuart starting to rebuild my ruin there. I am puting my back into Saturdays exhibiton at the Garden Centre - now up to about 26 exhibitors and starting to panic - havenĀ“t enough space, need to get loads of plants, kids with e 24\7 on holiday and and...
I am a bit annoyed that Owl is having to work so hard so not really seeing her this week - aftr five days apart not really happy with this but she putting her 100% into her job so she can get Easter off.
Just finished another book (on the plane back to Portugal) Maximum Diner about a guy who starts a dner in Uckfield - really funny.

Late tuesday night

Saturday, March 19, 2005

Lost in England

Saturday night and still in England. The buzz has disappeared and I want to get back to my Portugal. Good trip really, found a carpet supplier and bought 20 Indian style rugs and yes am taking them on the plane back to Portugal... Had a trip to see eldest brother Gavin and took them away for a night in a small town called Nailsborough - near Stroud, lovely part of the world, good beer and good looking women (just window shopping your honour...) . I have been relaxing (read drinking) and reading (read drinking) so now feel a little jaded.
Brother is cooking Red Dragon Cassarole - aduki beans and rice, new one for me.
Think I have spent five days talking to no one else than my brothers, not my normal tactics but you English are so well English. Dinner is ready and then early night (read drinking..) Tchau!

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

QM on tour

Morning campers. In England on five days holiday and just woken up with a fair sized hangover. Strange thing English beer. Started in a pub called The Fox in Harpenden - stupendously full of beautiful women (all half my age but you know...) and then it went down hill to pubs with blokes with thick jumpers on.
Had a good week end. Kids still with wicked witch (ex wife) so had the whole weekend with Owl. Good bible class on Friday night then serious shopping on Saturday and relaxed Sunday - lunch at Julias restaurant over looking the beach. This place used to be very expensive now it is the same price as the rest - but the service is brilliant. High light came with Newcastle beating Spurs in the FA Cup. For the uninitiated of you, I am a life long sufferer of Newcastle United and am convinced neither Newcastle ot the England football team will ever win silver. It just gets more painful as we progress futher into the FA cup and UEFA cups..
Now back to England. Today off to Petticoat lane and Campden market to suss out a few suppliers of rugs and scarves for my gallery. Tomorrow up to Stratford upon avon to see other brother and drink more of your funny English beer.

Friday, March 11, 2005


Finally friday. Not a bad week -1800 euros which is just above break even and have bought in two lorry loads of stock. The clock is ticking for me to go to England on Tuesday for five days. Cold horrible old England!! Today is day 5 of not drinkng and havent lost an ounce of weight so think I will have a binge after tonights bible class....
Owl came around on wed. night and got well stewed on a bottle of wine - flooded the kitchen doing the washing up and I realised it must be a real pain for other people when I have had a few drinks and they havent, although I am still capable of doing the washing up withot spilling water every where..
Just been to a funeral of Antonio a guy from my church. Well attended but a boring latin service with no singing. When I meet glory I would like dear readers the following:-

Entry song - something by Enya,
Nice service with someone telling a few jokes about me.
Two good evangelist hymns - Michael Smith type
Exit song - you guessed MPs Always look on the bright side of life.
Buried naked, just as I came into this world.
Good party afterwards, lots of sea food and good wine - shiraz red and a good Alentejo white.
Pressie for all guests -penknife or something really useful.

Must go - off to save the world and my bible group. Have a good week end - I havent gt the kids ths week end and kind of missing the mayhem!!

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Good Morning Vietnam!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that was a good film, Williams is talented, dead poets and all that - where is he now??
Well a beautiful sunny day in South Portugal and the Garden Centre is now ticking over. We were supposed to be starting a new landscape today but it was cancelled at the last moment... lovely business. So have sent my team to my little farm to dig out a terrace and plant another palm (Phoenix dactilifera if you are interested)
Had a nice dinner out yesterday at The Beer Factory in Faro - excellent seafood and not too expensive, with Owl and my mad Aunty Lu lu .... who behaved herself bar a few sharp prods on my arm. It was a bit painful for me as I am not drinking at the moment (My name is Stuart and it is 2 long days since I had a drink....) as part of South Beach Diet - I have actually put weight on!! Nearly drove me to drink.
Yesterday was Dia de Mulher, womans day so all the restaurants were full of women. I noted two things:-
1. They treat this much more importantly than Valentines day
2. The Portuguese women are outstandingly ugly!!!
Going in the bath - vote here if you want a picture posting of me in the bath!!

Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sausage and chips

For the kids, not old veggie head me.
Not a bad week end.
Friday, bible study group lasted until 10,30 so didn't even get around to eating but it is a good group, very serene.
Saturday, finally let the kids go riding and Owl returned from Porto minus her voice - I didn't want to suggest that it was maybe as she had been shouting down the phone to me on friday night but apparently it had been freezing up North. Nice quiet night in - kids well behaved for once.
Sunday - dropped the kids off at the riding stables at 8,30 - competition on!! Went to church and had yo sing alone - including two songs I had never heard - regardless to say I was magnificent, or would have been if a heavy cold stopped my breathing. Church lunch afterwards. Wouldn't you think that about 40 respectable church goers could sink so much wine!! Nice bunch though - strange coming from the tee total Sally Army into the beer swilling Anglicans!!
Picked the kids up - both won a first. Only Holly could dispute the decision - even though she won!!
Now Owl has gone shopping and will now do tea for kids. Busy week ahead. The ex wife is back tonight so kids off to her tomorrow. Oh yes tomorrow I start the South Beach Diet - no booze for two weeks so best get loaded tonight.....